About Us



Diane Gold has gathered some of the quintessential qualities of a successful, knowledgeable woman in the now. She is first and foremost dedicated to improving the quality of human life through facilitation, mentorship and friendship. She possesses the natural ability to view people without judgment, believing that empowering your personal freedom changes your life. Her twenty-five years of martial arts training has led her to focus on the philosophical, educational, innovational and creative aspects of the human mind.

The philosophies from which Ms. Gold operates are these:

1) each person has a responsibility to make some positive contribution to society, and, with guidance, a more significant and meaningful contribution can be made.

2) the corporate environment has the reponsibility to mentor its employees in leadership and health as much as give a paycheck and pay for health insurance.

3) healthier employees improve the bottom line of any corporation, so, from a budgetary standpoint, it makes good economic sense to institute employee improvement programs.

4) it becomes the responsibility of the employer to strive to assist in the balance between work and life of its employees.

From these four precepts , Ms. Gold aims to facilitate people to become the best version of themselves and to influence the urgency with which corporate leaders add corporate wellness programs as paramount components to a thriving corporate unit, and the nedd for the personal development professional, rather than the subject instructor, to administer the program.


Ms. Gold provides many methods that alleviate, delete, remove and modify stress, insecurity and roadblocks. Most use physical movement to change the mind rather than motivational speeches. Her twenty-five years as a music educator and music therapist have given her hands-on understanding of what moves people to self-motivate. Her years in martial arts have led to the development of corporate programs and seminars based upon physical movement principles.

Ms. Gold is a Third Degree Instructor in Fu-Jow Pai kung fu and a certified instructor of Yang style tai chi chuan under Master Julian K. Duran. She is also a musician, an author and the innovator of Trance Tai Chi, a program which combines tai chi movement with electronic music.. One of her main objectives is to initiate Corporate Tai h as a standard tool used in major corporations.