Our programs at Stress Management Corporation vacillate between the profoundly simple training of the meditating monk and the highest level martial warrior. We operate a traditional institute based in the Chinese martial arts, The Kung Fu Conservatory, Inc. and are devoted to introducing people to a time-tested, simple way to personal development. We have been in Boca Raton, Florida, for over 14 years and have 25 years of study in the martial arts. We are committed to positive change for anyone participating in any of our programs.

We use interactive group activity to excite awareness. Imagine being tuned in to everything going on around you just like the warriors of old who relied on their senses for survival. Image the feeling of knowing rather than guessing.

Our activities make every attempt to link the subconscious with the conscious mind. According to the world's greatest spiritual leaders, enlightenment can be instantaneous and, in many cases, can be as simple as listening with the mind. Our programs include sensory awakening exercises based on the highest attainable human functions, normally occurring in the martial arts. Sessions are founded on sensitivity and self-awareness and lead toward full mind, body and spirit developing experiences.

Our corporate division is available to train people, through presentation and participation, to boost themselves and build their strengths from the foundational level. Using dynamic interchange, our clients have the opportunity to obtain an immediate advantage over their competition through partnership in our programs. They improve focus and efficiency, facilitate one-pointed concentration, minimize stress and increase effectiveness through calmness of spirit. We aim toward high energy, self-confidence and team integration.

Our programs are motivational, inspirational, rejuvenational hands-on presentations as retreats, seminars, workshops, cruises. Our typical audience consists of top executives, sales teams, conventioneers, on-site employees through incentive and merit awards or human resource benefits packages.
We can accommodate between four and 500 people depending upon client requirements. We anticipate lots of enthusiasm, relaxation and energy, all at the same time.

Our apparent strength lies in our ability to keep the training simple. Because this takes the pressure off participants, it is common for the group, as a whole and individually, to have a breakthrough experience and renewed motivational spark.

The knowledge of the ancient merges with a fresh, modern age approach. Intuition and reflex are fostered by the martial/meditative atmosphere; mind drives muscle response to produce movement.