Team Martial

This signature presentation is based upon the ancient principles of martial arts, which, for over a thousand years, in the Orient, have improved health, vitality and way of life. Our sessions use martial precepts, further described below, to instill unusual power and lasting motivation in every group member. We call the program


  1. Opening lecture about how simple martial art techniques enable the mind, body and spirit through all-important INTERACTION.
  2. Human energy is awakened through simple warm-up movements derived from the martial arts.
  3. Cooperative partnering drills enhance and excite the learning experience as participants execute simple martial arts movements and encourage each other to do his/her best.
  4. The entire group works together to help each individual achieve absolute capability in split-second timing and reaction activities.

Martial arts … known worldwide as warfare without weapons, it employs the strictest methods of learning physical movement with respect for the teacher, the knowledge and the training environment to develop the mind and spirit. The interconnection of mind, body and spirit makes the martial artist. Team Martial uses interaction to fortify cooperative partnering and team integrity.

Individual Benefits:
Improved focus More confidence Physical invigoration
Emotional vitality New found energy Muscular stimulation
Better reaction time Superior concentration Mental clarity

Corporate Benefits:
Much the way members of a martial arts society develop a unique camaraderie, when people have an adventure together, the members of the group feel a lasting alliance. They tend to work more productively as a team; their improved comfort level with fellow teammates can allow for synergism rather than antagonism and the group has shared a common success experience.

All the individual benefits listed above are brought back to the corporate table through a better equipped team member and through a more cohesive and affiliated team. We like to think of Team Martial as a unique opportunity in corporate strategy.